Bradden is a small village in South Northamptonshire about 4 miles west of Towcester. According to the 2001 census it had a population of 179 people. It is a village of mainly mature houses, built from mellow Northamptonshire stone.

The village has a fascinating history, with records going back to the Domesday Book of 1086 and before.

So far, we have discovered that the Knights Templar and later Hospitallers lived among us, that religious dissenters obtained licenses as early as 1689 to worship in their own way, and that the village was larger than it appears today, with a number of  buildings having disappeared, leaving hardly a trace.

The village itself is quiet, peaceful and a haven to bird life. We have our own birding expert in the shape of Mike Tubb and he has kindly created a guide to the bird life in the area.

Approaching Bradden from Greens Norton, you are first struck by how rural the area is.  Travelling along the gently undulating lane,  you pass fields of crops, cows and sheep.

As you pass the Bradden sign, and slowly take the left hand bend, you are greeted with a drop down through a copse of trees. Upon reaching the bottom of the dip and looking up towards the village,  you can see hints of St Michaels church through the trees, and the row of Northamptonshire stone houses lining Church Row.

Once passed the church, the vista opens up. To your left is Barratt Row and the Village Green, and to your right the mellow stone wall surrounding Bradden house. Then on past Bradden Gardens to your left, and into the village.

The village is a mix of the old and new. Curiously there appear to be a large number of high status stone houses, given the size of the Bradden, which lend the village dignity, and a gentle beauty.

The village is a thriving community. We have a bi-annual Quiz Night, an annual Bar-be-cue, and other community based activities.

We have the Village Reading Rooms, which have been beautifully restored and renovated, providing the people of Bradden, and surrounding areas, with a lovely base for village activities.


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