Posted by: braddenvillage | January 19, 2010

Village Wisdom

I’ve received a request for a Village Wisdom – or dare I say Granny’s Wisdom – section in the website.

This section would try to find out answers to those age old questions like: “What can I do with all these rosehips I’ve got in the garden”, (thanks Ali Sanger for that one!); how do I make organic liquid feed out of nettles; where are the best damsons, blackberries, sloes etc.

First bit of wisdom:

Baking Powder:

Have you run out of baking powder?  Here’s how to make your own:  Use two level teaspoon of cream of tartar to one teaspoon baking soda  This is the equivalent of four teaspoons of tartrate baking powder.  This is the kind of baking powder normally found in the kitchen.


When cooking pancakes, dip the spoon in milk or water and the batter will drop off the spoon easily.

Cleaning Windows:

When cleaning windows, add a little vinegar to the water.  You will be surprised at the brilliant polish it produces.

Custard Problems:

If your soft custard separates when you remove it from the heat, beat it hard for five minutes with an old-fashion egg beater.

Perfect Cakes:

When you take a cake from the oven, place it for a very few minutes on a cloth that has been dipped in and wrung out of cold water,  This will allow your cake to turn out of the pan in perfect condition.


  1. I’ve just has a response to the above section:

    “If you wait long enough, the kitchen fairy will load/unload the dishwasher and clean the pans
    The bedrooom fairy will make the bed…”

    Post by A. M. An

    Enough said!

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