Posted by: braddenvillage | February 15, 2010

Winter Gritting and Salting – explained


Extract from Northamptonshire County Council Website:

Gritting the county’s roads

Find out the current gritting situation

Our road maintenance partners MGWSP provide regular updates of the gritting situation on their Twitter account.

Please note: you will need to be signed in to Twitter in order to receive the latest updates.

Which roads are gritted?

Trunk/major roads (e.g. M1, A14, A45) are gritted by the Highways Agency. Please visit their website for more information:

If ice and/or snow are forecast, we prioritise all other A roads together with certain B roads and other roads for gritting. These roads are called the precautionary network (P1).

The adverse network (P2) covers certain links to villages not on the precautionary network (P1) and also certain bus routes and industrial estates.

Where the forecast weather is that conditions are unlikely to improve for at least 48 hours, that is the temperature is unlikely to rise above freezing within that period, gritting will only be carried out on the Priority 2 (P2) network if the Priority 1 (P1) network does not require treatment.

On the rest of the road network (P3), certain roads may be gritted if resources are available to do so and are not required on higher priority roads.

Show these roads on a map

You can use our interactive mapping to view the area around a specific location. Click one of the links below, enter the postcode in the search box and click “Find”.

When are they gritted?

The aim is to treat Priority 1 (P1) roads before the morning peak traffic time, though the target time for action otherwise depends on forecast and conditions.


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