Posted by: braddenvillage | February 17, 2010

Birds recently spotted in Bradden

I thought I’d start the ball rolling on birds I’d seen in Bradden.

The first was a Buzzard. I saw him perching on a branch just above my head looking fantastically regal and proud. He kindly waited for me to get my camera ready and, just as I had him in my sights, he – oh so casually – flew away!

Obviously this isn’t the picture I took, mine was of an empty branch.

I’ve also seen any number of pheasants – who hasn’t I hear you say – but haven’t managed a photo. So I thought I’d upload one anyway, to remind us of just how exotic the male is, in comparison the the rest of our “native” birds, and what a welcome splash of colour he is during the dour February months.

Anyone else, wanting to tell the world about the birds they’ve spotted in Bradden, please complete the comment box below, or e-mail the editor.

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