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Action with Communities in Rural England

Action with Communities in Rural England

The work of Rural Community Councils

ACRE is the national umbrella body for Rural Community Councils across England.  Together we are known as the Rural Community Action Network or RCAN read more about RCAN here

Rural Community Councils work with rural communities, groups and individuals to develop projects, initiatives and approaches in response to this social change. The aim is to try to ensure that rural communities do not become a place where only the rich can afford to live and that support sustainability.

Across the Rural Community Action Network there are specialist advisers to provide advice and support for a range of rural services. These services include:

  • Transport
  • Community services –  shops, post offices, health and social care
  • Young people
  • Childcare
  • Housing
  • Local area development and environmental improvements
  • Crime & community safety

About the Rural Community Action Network

National coverage, local reach

The Rural Community Action Network is the collective name for the 38 Rural Community Councils throughout England, their eight regional bodies and their national umbrella, ACRE. RCCs are charitable local development agencies, generally based at county level, which support and enable initiatives in rural communities.

RCAN collectively:

  • employs approximately 1,000 staff with a variety of specialist skills
  • engages in 1,300 different partnerships, including working with 58 different higher tier local authorities
  • has over 12,000 fee-paying members and
  • reaches 40,000 grass roots contacts and organisations in the 11,000 rural communities across England.

Members of the Rural Community Action Network have a strong ethos of working with each other to provide comprehensive links across geographical areas and between grass roots activity and national advocacy.

The aims of the Rural Community Action Network are to:

  • Support community-led action and strong local governance
  • Increase the long-term sustainability of local community life
  • Influence policies and services, particularly to achieve equity for rural communities.

We do this with a passion for social inclusion, and high standards throughout the network.

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