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From left: Hairy Mallow, One-flowered Wintergreen, Ground Pine,
Cladonia mediterranea, Starfruit ©Bob Gibbons/Plantlife

Plantlife is a charity working to protect Britain’s wild flowers and plants, fungi and lichens in the habitats in which they are found.

We were established in 1989 after a meeting of conservationists and botanists, led by Professor David Bellamy, called for a new organisation, an ‘RSPB for plants’, to champion wild plant conservation. Today, Plantlife is the leading charity working to protect wild plants and their habitats with national offices in England, Scotland and Wales. HRH The Prince of Wales is our Patron.

Our plants, our planet

Wild flowers and plants help give the UK its unique character, from our woodland and meadows to our uplands and coastline. However most are under threat from intensive farming, habitat destruction, invasive plants from overseas, over-grazing, climate change and pollution.

A recent report confirmed that a staggering one in five of Britain’s wild plants is threatened with extinction. A third of all plants worldwide are also under threat.

Plantlife recognises that, while preserving wild plants in botanical gardens or in seed banks is an important last resort, it is no substitute for their wild and natural existence as an integral part of the countryside. As such we conserve sites of exceptional botanical importance, work to rescue wild plants on the brink of extinction and ensure that currently common plants don’t become rare in the wild. We are a Lead Partner in the Government’s Biodiversity Action Plan (which targets the UK’s Priority Species and Habitats for conservation action) and are responsible for conserving over 100 of the UK’s most threatened plants and fungi.

We do this by:

  • Carrying out practical conservation work at hundreds of mostly unprotected sites across the UK through our Back from the Brink conservation programme
  • Managing 4,500 acres of rare and important plant habitat as nature reserves
  • Influencing key national policies and legislation relevant to plant conservation
  • Involving both members and non-members in many aspects of our work, and collaborating widely to promote wild plant conservation
  • Commissioning key research and publishing reports
  • Getting the message across through newspaper, TV, magazine and radio features that plants are enchanting, endlessly fascinating and, above all, fundamental to the health of our countryside – and us

To go to our website – click here

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