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The NFU and NFU Countryside


The NFU was founded in 1908 and is financed by members’ subscriptions. We are not affiliated to any political party and have a completely democratic structure.

Today, our trade association is the largest farming organisation in the UK, providing a strong and respected voice for the industry and employing a team of 500 staff to support the needs of its members locally, nationally and internationally.

Among its many strengths is its unique network of local offices and advisers, co-funded by NFU Mutual, meaning NFU members are never far from one of our representatives.

These branches are co-ordinated from the NFU’s purpose-built headquarters on the Royal Showground at Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire.

NFU Mission Statement

The NFU champions British farming and provides professional representation and services to its Farmer and Grower members.

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About the NFU


• The NFU represents 55,000 farm businesses in England and Wales involving an estimated 155,000 farmers, managers and partners in the business.
• In addition NFU Countryside is a major NFU membership category for people interested in the countryside and rural issues, with a further 55,000 members

The Farmed Environment

• Around 75 per cent of the land in England and Wales is managed by farmers.
• More than six million hectares of land is under active environmental management.
• Uptake of Entry Level Schemes for environmental stewardship is around five million hectares – roughly 54 per cent of the eligible agricultural land in England.
• England and Wales has 515,000km of hedgerows and 90,000km of stone walls.

Farming Economics

• Agriculture and horticulture contribute £5.8 billion to the GVA (Gross Value Added) of the UK economy.
• The rural economy turns over £300 billion each year and employs 5.5 million people.
• Agriculture employs 531,000 people – 1.7 per cent of the total workforce.
• The UK sheep breeding flock is 5.6 million.
• In October 2009, 1.02 billion litres of milk was delivered to dairies.
• UK self-sufficiency was 60 per cent in all food and 73 per cent in indigenous type food in 2008.


• Agricultural production is currently responsible for about 7% of total UK greenhouse gas emissions. The livestock industry has reduced its methane emissions by 17 per cent since 1990.

The Red Tractor Logo

• Consumer logos The Red Tractor can be found on more than ten billion pounds worth of food. The logo is an independent guarantee that food comes from farms and companies meeting high standards of food safety and hygiene, animal welfare and environmental protection, and it can be traced back to the farm gate. All of the Red Tractor’s 78,000 licenced farmers are independently inspected.

NFU Countryside

Supporting the Countryside Community

NFU Countryside represents 50,000 members in rural communities throughout the UK. We strive towards giving you value for money for your membership and we achieve this by focusing on our four core brand values:

  • Enthusiastic – We love the countryside and share our members’ interests
  • Considered – We take a well informed, carefully chosen view
  • Passionate – We believe in the value of what we do
  • Locally focused – Our attention is on the matters close to home as well as nationally

In addition, NFU Countryside demonstrates a strong affinity with the NFU and its membership. We recognise the importance of farming to the rural economy and we aim to support UK farmers and to promote their produce to consumers, wherever possible.

Above all, we believe in the future of countryside communities. Click here to go to their website.

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