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Police messages

This is a message from Northamptonshire West Police to all residents in the Silverstone area.

Brook Court, Whittlebury Road – Between the times of 10pm Tuesday 13 April and 7.30am Wednesday 14 April the top of the passenger door was forced back allowing entry to a car and items taken.

If you have any information in relation to this incident please report using the dedicated Watch number 01604 432436 alternatively contact Northamptonshire West Police or Crimestoppers on the numbers below quoting WB/CMS/0277/09.
Thank you


This is a message from the Northamptonshire Police Community Messaging Team.

Officers working on Operation Guardian were busy on the streets of Northamptonshire,Thursday 15 April.

Operation Guardian is the countywide operation dedicated to bringing to justice those involved in serious acquisitive crime – robbery, burglary and vehicle crime.

9 arrests were made, 12 warrants carried out and 6 vehicles seized. Since October Operation Guardian has produced more than 400 arrests across Northamptonshire.

The most notable of the twelve search warrants were the two in Kiln Way and Burns Road, Wellingborough, linked to an arrest being made and the recovery of £5,000 cash. Enquiries are ongoing with reference to the Proceeds of Crime Act.
A warrant was executed in Samwell Lane, Upton, and one man was arrested for possession of class A drugs, and will be charged with the supply of drugs.
A drugs warrant was executed in Byron Court, Northampton, and three people were arrested. Police recovered a small quantity of drugs at this address.
Further search warrants were carried out in Lion Court and Brookside Meadows, both in Northampton.
Another was carried out in Burns Road, Wellingborough; this lead to the recovery of cannabis and the issuing of a drugs warrant. Another was in Minerva Way, Wellingborough, and one in Islington Court in Towcester, under the Drugs Act. Two search warrants are ongoing in Ashfield Road, Wellingborough.
Yesterday’s operation was supported by Trading Standards and police have been utilising ANPR (Automatic number plate recognition).
The county’s worst offenders are being targeted, in respect of Burglary, Vehicle Crime and Robbery are being targeted, with the help of the newly launched Specialist Enforcement Team.
The introduction of the Specialist Enforcement Team is to compliment the existing commitment to Operation Guardian, and demonstrates our aim to keep communities safe in Northamptonshire.

If you have any information on who may be committing these crimes please call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.



This is a message from Northamptonshire West Police to all Neighbourhood Watch members.

With the success of Operation Guardian, which has reduced burglary by 40%, a lot of new NHW schemes and members have signed up to the Community Messaging System.  A number have expressed an interest in SmartWater Forensic Marking, which has been a key factor in our very significant reductions of serious acquisitive crime.  As a member of Neighbourhood Watch or Residents Association registered on the Community Messaging System members are eligible for the reduced price SmartWater kit at £15 plus packaging and postage when bought in amounts of 10 or more.  Northants Police strongly support Forensic Marking as a key part of our crime reduction strategy.

Any prisoner bought into our custody must check for SmartWater before being placed in a cell.  All our neighbouring Police Forces have exactly the same set-up to deal with criminals who operate cross border.  All property either recovered from suspects or handed in, as found property will be checked before it is booked into our property offices.  Every patrol vehicle you see out on the streets and all burglary search kits have UV kit on board with an expectation of thorough use when checking persons, property or searching suspect’s homes.  Second Hand stores and Cash Converters in the area are being issued with UV lamps and signing agreements to checking property before they take it in.  Trading Standards equipped with UV lamps are now visiting Second-Hand stores across the county as part of the Guardian High Visibility days you have read about in the local press.

Forensic marking is also a key part of our work focused on reducing acquisitive crime on burglary hotspots.  We have a sustained drop in burglary on the Thorplands are of over 55% since we rolled out SmartWater as part of a crime reduction project in April last year.  More recently the Lumbertubs and Lings areas of Northampton have seen a similar reduction in burglary dwelling against the same period last year.  SmartWater was one of the key measures rolled out as part of that project.

We have had calls asking why others cannot have free SmartWater and the simple answer is, we wish we could give everyone a kit and make our job of cutting crime much easier.  However we have to make the best use of very limited public funding and put that resource to work in high crime areas.  If you live in an area suffering a lot less crime you can still purchase SmartWater at a greatly reduced price (£15 + packing and postage) as you are a member of NHW or a similarly recognised body.  The kits can be purchased, preferably in batches of ten or more, directly from SmartWater ( quoting membership of your local scheme.

There many ways you can help us to keep your homes safer.  Keep your doors locked if unattended (particularly when out cutting the grass in the back garden on the warmer evenings).  Nearly a third of all burglaries occur at insecure properties.  Keep valuable items out of direct view from outside your property.  This is equally true of vehicles as well as your home.  Again, most crime is opportune.  The most important thing you can do you have already done by joining a NHW scheme.

Keep in touch with your neighbours and keep an eye on each others properties.
Thank you

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