Posted by: braddenvillage | May 30, 2010

Career Suicide – contributions invited.

Career Suicide

I have never let self preservation stand in the way of funny/stupid remark, and I thought that there must be other people like me, out there too.

I thought that I’d start  a contribution page on things said, which are covered by the recommendation, “Engage brain before putting mouth into gear!”

Here’s my story:

I was a newly qualified solicitor being feted by the Partners in my firm for having passed my solicitors finals. Champagne was flowing, and I have to admit, I was feeling a mixture of smugness and the heady excitement of having passed the final academic hurdle in a very long race to qualify.

The senior partner approached me and asked, “And how do you feel now that you are a qualified solicitor?” Quick as a flash, and without thought to the consequences, I quipped back, “Great! All I need is the frontal lobotomy and sense of humour by-pass, and I’m done!” There was a deadly silence as he digested this, turned away, and didn’t speak to me for the remaining 3 years that I was at the firm.

If you have anything to contribute… press comment at the bottom of the page.

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