Posted by: braddenvillage | July 11, 2010

Pest Control – South Northamptonshire Council

Pest control – South Northants Council

We can deal with most pests for you, and at least offer advice.

If you have a pest – even if you don’t know what it is – contact us:

Telephone: 01327 322322

We have got a leaflet on most pests, packed with info on what to do.

Spot your pest in this list and click the link:

We do not treat garden ants. We also no longer treat solitary bees or bee swarms. Bee swarms can be collected from a local bee keeper if they become a problem.

Our charges

Rat treatments, pest identification (if delivered to us) and telephone advice on pest problems are free for residents.

There is a fee for all other services, including visits for pest identification, advice and treatments. We prefer payment at the time you book for a treatment but we still accept cheques on the day we visit.

Standard treatments are offered at a fixed price, and there is a call-out fee for all other visits.

Pests at commercial premises

We can deal with pests at commercial and other non-domestic premises (such as schools). We can charge for each job or through an annual service contract.

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