Posted by: braddenvillage | July 12, 2010

Police Notice

This is a message from Northamptonshire West Police to all residents living in the Towcester area.

Please be aware that a company called Michael Dyson Associates are currently conducting a private house survey on behalf of South Northamptonshire Council.

Letters have been sent informing 1200 residents of this survey, which commenced around the beginning of the month and is anticipated to finish at the end of July. However, the survey could possibly continue again during the month of August depending on the feedback received.

The interviewers will all carry identification and a letter from South Northamptonshire Council, please make sure that you ask to see proof of this identification

Should any resident be concerned as to the legitimacy of the house visits they may contact South Northamptonshire Council, the Police or Trading Standards to satisfy any fears regarding the interviewers.

Please pass this message on to family, friends and neighbours especially those that are elderly and vulnerable.
Useful contact numbers are –
South Northamptonshire Council switchboard: 01327 322322
Police main switchboard: 03000 111 222
Trading Standards: 01604 707904
DAN hotline: 0345 23 07 702
Thank you

This is a message from Northamptonshire West Police.

Please be aware of a report received by the Police on behalf of National Neighbourhood Watch concerning the following scam.

Dear Watch member

A resident in South London has reported a possible scam taking place in his locality.
A man claiming to represent ‘Neighbourhood Watch Support’ telephoned to say that a Neighbourhood Watch brochure was going out to all the local residents. The caller was encouraging local businesses to advertise in this brochure.
The resident agreed to place an advertisement and later received a further phone call from a company calling itself ‘Business Community Support Multimedia’. The caller took some details over the phone.
At a later date the resident received a letter with a ‘proof’ for the advertisement. Apart from the name of the business and the contact phone number, every detail was incorrect. The accompanying letter said that unles s any amendments were received within five days (by phone, email or fax) they would assume that the details were correct and place the advert.
The resident tried several times to contact the company by email and phone but to no avail, finding his emails unanswered and his phone calls cut off. Luckily he had not yet paid any money for the advertisement.
We would like to make it clear that there is no such organisation as ‘Neighbourhood Watch Support’ and the Neighbourhood & Home Watch Network does not produce any such local brochures nor contract Business Community Support Multimedia to do so.
If you have any concerns, questions or issues you would like to raise relating to this, please contact us on or 0116 229 3118 and do not agree to anything over the telephone or on your doorstep.
Thank you


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