Posted by: braddenvillage | October 12, 2010

Report a hazard/problem to Northamptonshire County Council


We deal with flooding on the public highway and blocked road gullies or gratings.

Please note: Flooding from public sewers is dealt with by Anglian Water (see Useful Links).


Obstructions are objects which have been unlawfully placed on, or which overhang the highway eg tree branches, mud/debris, stones, illegal signs, blocking a ‘Right of Way’.


Let us know about:

  • Dangerously rocking paving slabs
  • Projections greater than 20mm high (including manhole frames, boxes etc)
  • Cracks of gaps between flags greater than 20mm wide and more than 6mm deep
  • Isolated potholes
  • Depressions and bumps more than 20mm deep or high in a length of less than 0.5m
  • Slippery surfaces

Remedial work will be carried out on defects considered to be dangerous within 24 hours, though the inspector will endeavour to correct the defect or make it safe immediately.


The action that will be taken to deal with a pothole depends on various factors, including the width and depth of the pothole and the position of the footway or carriageway in the network hierarchy.

If the pothole is considered dangerous it will be filled within 24 hours, however in some cases the size and location of the pothole may mean that it is not necessary to fill it immediately.

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