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The Jolly Postman Comes to Bradden!

Bradden Crib Service  24th December 2010  at 6pm

St Michael’s Church, Bradden


As well as other Christmas events (Christmas Draw 19th December 12 noon, carol singing at Bradden House gates Monday 20th at 6pm), we are having our annual crib and carol service on Christmas Eve.  This is a family service and everyone is welcome.   As usual, we would love to have villagers (of all ages) taking part!

We will be doing a small play called The Jolly Christmas Postman Comes to Bradden. We need 6 children for speaking parts (Mary, Joseph, the innkeeper, the Jolly postman, the narrator and the STAR!) and many others to be shepherd/shepherdesses, sheep, a donkey, a camel, wise men and Mary’s friends. This year, we have an adult choir of angels (more angels welcome)! Also, it would be great to have 2 Bradden villagers, a lady and a gentleman, of more mature years to play the parts of Elizabeth and Zechariah.

We will be rehearsing the children on Tuesday 21st December.

Grateful thanks go to Anna Henson and Pam Hempstead for renewing the crib figures this year.  They have been totally re-furbished with great artistic skill and beauty.  We look forward to seeing them again in pride of place on Christmas Eve!

If you would like to help the jolly postman on his rounds, just contact me, Helen Castle, mob: 07786-385207, 860519, email:



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