Posted by: braddenvillage | January 4, 2011

2011 Bradden Village Tote/Lottery

2011 Bradden Village Lottery/Tote

It’s that time again! I’m on the prowl around the village twisting arms, and holding out my begging bowl, trying to persuade Villagers to invest in the Village Tote.

Tickets remain at a very reasonable £0.50 per month, or £6 per year, and the monthly prizes currently stand at £25 first prize, £10 second prize and £5 third prize.

The Village Tote is used to provide much needed funding for Bradden Reading Rooms, and without this funding the hall would be unable to function as efficiently as it does.

The Hall is used by local a Mums n’Tots Group, Bradden Rainbow Group, various locals for birthday parties and get togethers and by the Church for village functions such as the Summer concerts, Christmas Raffle etc.

The main part of the Hall is currently in the process of being redecorated and such necessary maintenance does not come cheap.

We would also like to decorate the remaining parts of the hall, but without the extra funding provided by the Village tote, together with the bi-annual Quiz night, and Summer Barbecue, it will not be possible.

So, if you want to buy tickets for the Tote, please contact Karen on 01327 860849 or



  1. Dear Karen. I have just moved into Manor Farmhouse and I am so sorry that we havn’t as yet met.
    I would very much like to buy 5 tickets to the tote in the names of
    Fiona Gordon, Jamie Gordon, Hamish Gordon, Torquil Gordon and Lachlann Gordon. Can you just e mail me your address so that I can send you a cheque. Please can you let me know who to make the cheqe payable to.

    Sadly we cant make your quiz night as we will be away.
    Hope it goes well.
    Best wishes

    Fiona Gordon

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