Posted by: braddenvillage | February 22, 2011

Police messages – Chicken Thefts

To: All Farm/Rural contacts and residents in the Greens Norton area

Ward: S016 – Kingthorn

Location: High Street

Date/Time: Between 11.30pm on 06/02/11 and 5am on 07/02/11


Climbed over garden wall and then broken lock to large garden shed converted into a chicken coup

Stolen Items: 20 Pedigree chickens and one quail



Title: Motorists breaking the law

Date: 11 February 2011

Reference: A2/CMS/0455/11

Message: Traffic officers will be in Northampton and the surrounding area on Saturday as part of an operation to tackle motorists who break the law.

The operation sees Special Constables join PC Dave Lee from the Operations Tactical Unit stop motorists who are seen to be committing offences such as speeding, talking on a mobile phone while driving, not wearing a seatbelt and not having valid insurance, tax or MOT.

The operation is taking place to remind motorists of the dangers they and others face if they break the law while behind the wheel of a vehicle.

PC Lee, said: “These laws exist to protect motorists as well as other road users and pedestrians, and offences such as driving without a seatbelt, driving while using a mobile phone, not wearing a seatbelt and not having tax or a valid MOT, should not be taken lightly.

“People do die or get seriously injured as a result of collisions involving motorists who have been distracted while behind the wheel, and so these kind of operations are a good way of reminding people of the responsibility they have when driving.”

Officers will be out and about throughout the late morning, afternoon and into the evening on Saturday, 12 February.

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