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UK Agriculture Website – Seasonal British Foods

The UK Agriculture Website

About Us

This site is produced by Living Countryside a company that is Limited by Guarantee and registered as Charity No. 1116141. Living Countryside was established specifically to:

  • Advance the education of the public in all aspects of agriculture, the countryside and the rural economy.
  • Promote greater public understanding of the role of agriculture in the countryside.
  • Conserve and protect for the benefit of the public the countryside as a whole.

Living Countryside is a small organisation that cares deeply for the countryside and believes in its preservation through a viable agricultural industry. It is run by dedicated and unpaid volunteers. Living Countryside. is a member of FACE (Farming & Countryside Education) but is otherwise independent of all other organisations and groups.

The idea of this web site was originally conceived in early 1999 with production commencing later that year. The web site continues to lead with an easy to use visual approach that helps enhance understanding about agriculture and its role in the countryside. We hope that it will be of general use to anyone interested in food, farming and the countryside.

Click here to go to the website

Seasonal Foods

This section of the site provides an overview of the seasonality of UK produced food. It is intended as a guide but please note that seasonality will vary according to your location in the UK. In addition, some farming systems allow the production season to be extended beyond that illustrated here.

Click here for vegetables 

Click here for Salad 

Click here for fruit 

Click here for meat

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