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HS2 – Parish Chair – Meeting 26th May at 7.30pm

HS2 – Communications from Parish Chair

Meeting at Village Hall Thursday 26th May at 7.30pm

Dear Villager

I have been requested to hold a Parish Meeting to consider our response to the HS2 Consultation. I have therefore decided to bring forward the annual AGM to Thursday 26 May at 7.30 pm in the village hall. The agenda will follow.

Steve Crowcroft


Dear Villager

South Northants Council have requested the views of Parishes on the proposed High Speed Rail (HS2) Line from London to Birmingham. I attach a scanned copy of their letter. Although Bradden is not on the preferred route the alternative route does pass just west of the village and may be considered as part of the Government Consultation currently underway.

I have spoken to David Allen, Lead Officer Transport Policy, for SNC and he informed me that SNC will argue strongly that the case for HS2 is not well made. In particular the capacity and revenue forecast are very optimistic and the alternative case for expanding capacity on the West Coast Main Line has not been properly examined, for example by lengthening trains and converting 1st class carriages to standard class. The Council in conjunction with many local councils are attempting to get the Government to abandon HS2 in favour of increasing capacity on the existing network.

I have drafted a reply, which is attached. In the unlikely event that the alternative route via Bradden was choosen I believe any arguement we then put forward against it would not be credible if we had not opposed the concept of HS2 in the first place. I have not commented on the other questions posed as I don’t believe we have the knowledge or expertise to make an informed comment.

Replies to the Council have to be in by 31st May. I intend holding the annual Parish Meeting in early June, where we can, if the meeting so wish, develop a more substantial response to the Department of Transport by the 29 July.

Steve Crowcroft

Chair Parish Meeting

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