Posted by: braddenvillage | May 21, 2011

Update on date for Bradden Big Lunch, and more details – 23/24th July?

Further explanation on the Bradden Big lunch and dates to hold it

The Date:
Too many people are unable to attend upon the June date. A popular suggestion is for Sat or Sun on 23rd or 24th July. What do people think?

The Idea:
The idea is really for people to, in effect, bring along a whole picnic – like we did at the Royal Wedding Day Picnic – i.e. pudding, salad stuff, quiche, that sort of thing, but then put it out on the table for everyone… Then you help yourself to whatever takes your fancy…

That way you don’t end up with loads of salads and puddings but no meat/quiche/cheeses etc… Does that make sense? Also, if the weather is off we can always cancel – with minimal inconvenience and no monetary losses – and reschedule.

The Fundraising bit:
We need money for the village hall.

The outside desperately needs work and painting, and having had the inside painted, funds are very low. At present the only regular users of the hall are Mums n’tots (Friday morning, 10am to 11.30, £2 per session,  refreshments included – tell your friends!) and Rainbows (Tuesday evening).

In addition, we do the lottery and – of course – the quiz night, however, this year we’ve had some very high heating bills and general maintenance and painting bills.

The fundraising bit of the “Big Bradden Lunch” would be the bar and the raffle.

This is a simple idea which should put the “fun” back into “fundraising”, and does not involve any real planning.

Please give me feedback, so I know whether to pursue this.


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