Posted by: braddenvillage | June 14, 2011

June Quiz – Just for fun – Now with Answers

June Quiz – Just for Fun

1. Which European city has the highest mileage of canals in the world?

2. Which river forms much of the border between England and Scotland?

3. In which European country is the city of Strasbourg?

4. Which sea lies between Italy and the former Yugoslavia?

5. Which small Norwegian town hosted the 1994 Winter Olympic games?

6. What is the largest of the Greek islands?

7. In which country is the region Dalmatia?

8. In which country is Transylvania?

9. Which country do the Faroe Islands belong to?

10. The name of which European capital city is derived from the names of two towns on either bank of its main river?


1. Birmingham

2. Tweed

3. France

4. Adriatic

5. Lillehammer

6. Crete

7. Croatia

8. Romania

9. Denmark

10. Budapest

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