Posted by: braddenvillage | October 8, 2011

October 2011 Quiz – Just for fun! (now with answers)

2011 October Quiz

Each of the following people gave their name to a scientific measurement. What is being measured, ie Anders Celsius would be Temperature.

1. Andre Marie Ampere

Answer – Electrical Current

2. Lord Kelvin

Answer – Temperature

3. Michael Faraday

Answer – Capacitance (unit the Farad)

4. James Prescott Joule

Answer – Energy (or work, or heat)

5. Isaac Newton

Answer – Force

6. Wilbur Scoville

Answer – hotness of chilli peppers

7. Marie Curie

Answer – Radioactivity

8. Anders Angstrom

Answer – Length (one ten billionth of a meter, for measuring molecules)

9. Ernst Mach

Answer – Speed (compared to the speed of sound)

10. Alexander Graham Bell

Answer – Volume (Decibel)

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