Posted by: braddenvillage | February 9, 2012

Nicholas Hawksmoor – Snow Closure Arrangements

Nicholas Hawksmoor Primary School

Snow Closure Arrangements

9th February 2012

Dear Parents/Guardians

To remind you of the steps we take to inform you of a closure due to poor weather conditions.

• A decision to close the school will be made by the senior staff at 7.00 am. Information will then be posted on the County Councils website
• We will operate our text messaging service; you will receive notification direct to your mobile.
• After 8.00 pm. there will be a recorded message on our main school answer phone 01327 351466.
• Notification of closure will be posted on the main school entrance gates.

Obviously we will action all of the above as soon as possible after 7.00 am. However, please be patient as we know from previous experience that there can be a log jam on the ‘superhighway’ at these times.

If the school needs to be closed for more than one day, a decision can sometimes be made in the evening. Notification again would be posted as soon as possible on the above website and we will also text you. Keep looking and listening.

We do liaise with Sponne on closures but there have been times when they have closed and we have remained open. Each school has to deal with particular issues, in Sponne’s case transport, number of pupils and staff and distance travelled are major factors.

We will only close in extreme circumstances when opening the school would compromise the safety of the children and staff.

Yours sincerely

Richard Edwards

Tel: 01327 351466

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