Posted by: braddenvillage | April 19, 2012

A new addition – Brain Teasers (April 2012)

Brain Teasers

Change the following number to 36 by moving the position of only two lines.


Four friends Tom, Jim, Susan and Dora have 8 crayons in total which are two in each color – red, green, blue and yellow. While playing they have mixed up their crayons. All we know is each of the friends owned 2 crayons but none of them had crayons of same color.

One of the friends had a yellow and a blue crayon and another had a green and a blue crayon. Tom didn’t have a yellow crayon. Susan had a green crayon but not a red one. Jim had a yellow crayon. Dora had a blue but not a green one.

Which crayons belong to which friends?


Mary was cooking a dish and as per her recipe she needed one cup of milk. However, she only had a three cup measuring container and a five cup measuring container. How will she measure just one cup?

(Approximations are not allowed)


Answers next month!

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