Posted by: braddenvillage | April 19, 2012

Neighbourhood Watch warning – April 2012 – “UK Claim Line” and PPI Payments



Please be aware that a report has been received from a resident in  Nottingham stating that they have recently received a phone call from a company purporting to be UK Claim Line stating they were London based and were acting to secure mis sold PPI payments.
They had information to hand which confirmed that the victim had taken out previous PPI payments; hence they believed the call to be genuine.
The company advised the victim that they could secure them up to several thousand pounds which they would deliver to them personally by cheque, by the end of that same day.
They advised the victim they needed an administration fee to release the funds, which would later be refunded. They asked the victim to obtain a Paypoint Voucher and then ring them back with the voucher number in order that they could withdraw the cash.
The victim attended a local store and obtained a Paypoint voucher returned home and waited for the company to make contact with them which they subsequently did, the victim disclosed the voucher code.
It then transpires that funds were withdrawn from this voucher and when the victim attempted to recontact UK Claim Line they asked them to go and get another voucher as the original one had not processed. When the victim became suspicious the call handler from this purported UK Claim Line hung up and has not been able to make contact since.
Clearly members must be very cautious when undertaking such PPI claims and if any such company advises that they should obtain a Paypoint voucher they must NOT divulge the voucher number as this would give the other party access to their funds.
Any person receiving such calls involving Paypoint and obtaining vouchers should contact Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 whom can provide appropriate advice and guidance on such matters.

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Message sent by Marion Lewis OBE (NHWN, Regional Representative, East Midlands)

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