Posted by: braddenvillage | September 9, 2012

Funny Transport Request

Funny Transport Requests

(apparently from the Chiropodists Association Journal)

I’m under the doctor and can’t breathe.

I can’t walk to the bus stop and my wife is bent.

I can’t breathe and haven’t done so for years.

I live five miles from the clinic and the postman says I should have it.

I have got athritis and heart failure in both feet and knees.

I am unable to walk now as my dog has died.

I cannot drive a car because I haven’t got one.

My husband’s dead and won’t bring me.

I need transport as I have funny feet.

If my mum goes out alone she gets into trouble.

I must have your man as I cannot go out or even do up my suspenders.

When your man brings me back could you ask him to drop me off at the White Swan.

I hope you will send your driver as my husband is quite useless.

My wife must have transport as she is over 80 and drives me mad.

I cannot walk up a hill unless it is down and the hill to your clinic is up.

I want transport as bus drivers do funny things to me and make me feel queer.

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