Posted by: braddenvillage | September 9, 2012

Quiz – Just for Fun – September 2012 (now with answers)


1. Which cat spends most of his time chasing Tweety Pie?Answer: Sylvester
2. Who has friends Chris Rabbit and Mosey Mouse and enemies Farmer Giles and Rum Baa Baa?Answer: Henry’s Cat
3. Who was often heard to say “I hate those meeces to pieces!” ?Answer: (Mr) Jinx
4. Which cartoon series featured the characters Lion-o, Cheetera, Tygra and SnarfAnswer: Thundercats
5. Lasagna and pizza are the favourite foods of which cat?Answer: Garfield
6. What is the name of the cat on the show regularly watched by Bart and Lisa Simpson?Answer: Scratchy
7. Who was the leader of the gang whose members included Benny the Ball ,Brain and Choo Choo?Answer: Top Cat
8. Which cat featured in the Dandy comic?Answer: Korky the Cat
9. In the cartoon Roobarb and Custard, what colour was Custard?Answer: Pink
10. In the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip,what kind of cat is Hobbes?Answer: A (stuffed) Tiger

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