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Public Information Article – Primary School Admission (12.9.2012)

Primary school admissions

 It’s time for parents to apply for their child’s primary school place

 The start of the new school year sees many parents across the county on the search for the right primary school for their child.

This year, Northamptonshire County Council is running a campaign targeting all parents with children who turn four years old between 1st September 2012 and 31st August 2013, to help raise awareness to parents of the right time to apply for their child’s school place and how to do this.

Applications open on Monday 10th September 2012 and will close on Tuesday 15th January 2013.

There are many myths surrounding applying for a child’s primary school place which the county council aims to stamp out as part of this campaign.  For the first time ever, they will be contacting parents directly to tell them it’s time to apply for their child’s primary school place which will reinforce the fact that they must do this regardless of whether:

  • They have put their child’s name down at their preferred school
  • The child lives in the area near the school
  • They have an older brother or sister already at the preferred school

 Late applications are always a problem –  this year in Northampton alone there were over 200 late applications which resulted in disappointment for many parents as they missed out on a place at their preferred school.

With this in mind, the county council is running an early bird incentive and has secured an iPad which has kindly been donated by Capita, to give away as a prize.  All online applications that are received by 31st October 2012 will be entered into a draw to win this fantastic prize (terms and conditions apply).

Parents are encouraged to apply for their child’s school place online rather than by paper form and they can do this at


The school admissions team will be out on the road in libraries across the county hosting roadshows to help parents through the application process.  Parents will be able to get help and advice at these events.  Look out for dates on our website.

For further information:

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