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DCL Puppy Training Classes – Bradden – Sat 27th Oct – Nov 24th (10 – 11)

DCL Dog Training


About me:

My name is Deborah Coles and I have been a professional dog trainer since 2004. I am an experienced instructor and a full member of the UK Association of Pet Dog Trainers (no 01051).  Full membership of the UK APDT requires successful completion of both written and practical assessment, on going study and a commitment to use kind, fair and effective dog training methods.

I am also affiliated to the UK Registry of Canine Behaviourists, who work closely with veterinary surgeons to help clients and their dogs overcome a variety of behavioural problems.

I graduated in 2011 with a foundation degree in Canine Behaviour and Training, and to enhance and build on my theoretical knowledge, I regularly attend seminars and education days to keep up to date with new innovations in dog training and behaviour.

I am also a registered instructor with Dog AID (Assistance in Disability).  Dog Aid is a registered charity that helps people with physical disabilities to train their own dogs.

Professional Dog Training Service in Northamptonshire.

DCL Dog Training offers a full range of dog training services designed to help you ensure that your dog becomes a happy, confident and well-trained companion who will be a pleasure to own. Training methods used are kind, fair and effective and dogs of all ages and breeds are welcome.

Owners are encouraged to understand how their dog thinks and learns, and through the use of training, play and quality time, are shown how to build a strong relationship built on trust and mutual respect.


For a period of 5 weeks there will be puppy training and socialisation classes at the Village Hall, Bradden near Towcester, with Deborah Coles FdSc CBT. Member of the UK APDT (no 01051), Affiliate of UK Registry of Canine Behaviourists

Classes as follows:  Saturday 27th October – 24th November inclusive.  The class is scheduled for 10 – 11am.

If you wish to train your puppy, or you know someone locally who has a puppy who might be interested, could you contact Deborah on 01327 843 743 or 7411 299991 or e-mail:

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