Posted by: braddenvillage | January 23, 2013

An Evening with “The Pampered Chef” – Wed 30th Jan at 7.30 in Bradden Village Hall – All profits to the Village Hall


Bradden Village Hall is holding a Pampered Chef evening on Weds 30th January at 7.30pm – free entry.

Pampered Chef is a company selling good quality cookware specialising in stoneware.

There will be a cookery demonstration which gives people the opportunity to try out some of the gadgets followed by time to browse the catalogue along with a beverage or three.

So whether you’re a Hairy Biker or a Nigella Lawson or just fancy a social, do please come along.



  1. Dear Karen

    Thanks for dong this so quickly, and so well. Am stuck in London at the moment but back on Friday.

    You might be up to the gunnells with stoneware (there’s 20% off in January….) but even if you can’t fit another gadget in the kitchen, there;s a glass of wine and a nibble, and a chat.

    Please say you’ll come.


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