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Tove Valley Broadband

Tove Valley Broadband

About us…

The Tove Valley Superfast Broadband project was formed as a result of the Abthorpe Parish Council requesting Abthorpe Broadband Association to investigate bringing superfast broadband to Abthorpe.

Abthorpe Broadband Association (ABbA) is a not-for-profit company which has provided broadband service to the villages of Abthorpe and Slapton since 2003. This experience and our interaction with the communities over the issue of faster services has continually highlighted the urgent need for improvement.

ABbA membership consists of one person from each household subscribing to the service. Currently we have about 60 members throughout Abthorpe and Slapton, with one member in Wappenham. Each member pays £60/year for their broadband service.

ABbA is a formal company organisation and has four directors and other associated officers. Installation and technical support is provided on a voluntary basis, mainly by these individuals.

In 2003, data services in Abthorpe were only available on dial-up modems. BT had no published plans to bring broadband via ADSL to the local exchange, Silverstone. The solution adopted was to install a satellite link to the village from a service provider in Belgium. This service operated at 1.5Mbps download; 256Kbps upload, and was distributed by 2.4GHz wireless to homes throughout the village and to the adjacent village of Slapton. The service proved popular and was quickly expanded to over 40% penetration. Much experience has been gained in the distribution of wireless signals around the villages and the problems inherent in this type of network are now well understood.

BT enabled ADSL on Silverstone exchange in 2006 and advantage was taken of that to replace the satellite feed with three separate ADSL lines. This change provided a welcome boost to capacity as, with the gradual introduction of new online services, demand from users was growing. This configuration has operated successfully ever since. However, the service offers speeds well below those required to sustain the expectations demanded of broadband services.

The Tove Valley Communities Superfast Broadband project is purchasing a superfast (100Mbps) broadband connection into the area. Distribution from this end-point uses high-capacity wireless connections (100Mbps) to carry the service on to the adjacent villages. Access Points within each village provide connectivity to individual properties.

If you have any questions or would like further detail not found in these pages, please use the Contact Us form.

Directors: Eric Malcomson (chairman); Philip Berry (communications); David Cunningham; Keith Fenwick (coordinator, Abthorpe & Slapton); Keith Plant (treasurer); Peter Watkins (technical); Richard Tomalin (webmaster).
Other VIPs: Paul Smith (coordinator, Lois Weedon and Weston); Dave Long (coordinator, Wappenham); Justin Fletcher (coordinator, Astwell); John Riches (secretary).

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