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TV Superfast Broadband – Bradden – Letter from Parish Chair (October 2013)

Superfast Broadband for Bradden


At a Parish Meeting on 16 October 2013 it was agreed to move forward with the proposal by Tove Valley Broadband to provide superfast broadband to the village.

It is hoped to have the initial installation phase, covering much of Water Lane, Lower End, Willowshill and parts of Main Street, up and running in a few weeks. The majority of Main Street and Bury Hill may take a bit longer as the installation of receiver/transmitter stations is more complicated.

The speed and extent of installation will depend on the level of interest shown. It is therefore very important that any household wanting to take advantage of the service must log their interest on the ToveValley website: –  and click “click here to register” at the top of the home page. Alternatively go directly to: –

You will need to commit a £100 joining fee immediately. A further £75 installation fee and a £120 a year annual service fee is payable after the equipment is installed. In the event that it is not possible to provide a service the joining fee will be refunded.

Those of you who wish to support the project in other ways can take advantage of the “Chairman’s Offer” by loaning £1,000 (or more) to Tove Valley Broadband and earning 7% annual interest or having your joining fee waivered. Details of the offer are at: –

Tove Valley Broadband is a not for profit based company and relies on volunteers to support the service, both in providing labour for installation and ongoing support. Bradden will need to form a small team of volunteers to provide this support. The skills needed are basic DIY plus a willingness to commit your time. Training will be given. If anybody is willing to join the team please contact me.


17 October 2013

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