Posted by: braddenvillage | November 11, 2013

Local Rare Breed Beef – Northern Dairy Shorthorn – for purchase from Nov 2013

Northern Dairy Shorthorn Cattle

Beef for Sale November 2013


Now that winter is coming, we are pleased to once again be able to offer some Northern Dairy Shorthorn Bradden Beef for sale.

It is locally bred and grass fed.  This is healthier than the usual beef available in the supermarket, due to the different quality of the fat marbling in the meat.

There are many different cuts to choose from. The meat comes vacuum packed, prices dependent on the joints.  It is ready from Saturday 9 November.

We are happy to deliver locally, so why not stock up on this locally produced quality meat?

If anyone is interested, please drop me an email or call us on 860519 or 07786-385-207 (Helen or Charles Castle).

Beef is available fresh all this week. It is not being kept in Bradden, but stored further away, so  we would need a bit of notice to bring it back to the village.

Subsequent orders for the following week would mean the meat would be delivered frozen.

Braising Steak     £10
Stewing steak      £9.75
Brisket                   £9
Topside                 £14.00
Mince                     £9
Roasting joints  £14.00
Rib of Beef          £17.00
Fillet                      £28.00
Rump                    £19.00
Shin                       £8.50
Silverside            £11.00
Sirloin joint        £26.00
Sirloin steak       £18.50

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