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Birdlife in Bradden by Mike Tubb

Welcome to Bird Life in Bradden

The aim of these pages is to provide information about local birds in an accessible format, and to provide a means for the exchange of news and views about bird related topics, together with local bird sightings.

We would hope that use of these pages will encourage anyone with a casual interest in bird-life to progress to develop a deeper knowledge or interest.

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Birds to Look Out for in Autumn – by Mike Tubb


Autumn is one of my favourite times of the year for watching birds.

Visibility can become much improved as the leaves begin to turn colour and fall from the trees, and as the air becomes cooler and clearer.  Couple that with a range of different birds provided by that great mystery of migration – summer insect-eating visitors returning to warmer climes, and birds from the Arctic areas or Northern Europe drifting south and westwards to seek better food supplies and/or shelter from the harshest winter weather.To see the whole article click here

Birds to Look out for in Summer


Summer is a very interesting time for watching birds. Whilst diligent parents may well be sitting on eggs for the second or third time this year, young fledglings are now making their own way in life. It is that time of year to ease off the accelerator a little when driving, as many youngsters will not have yet learnt that roads and traffic can be dangerous. They need to build their awareness of dangers out of the nest, just as little humans do. Road verges provide a source of food to many birds these days, as supplies of insects are less numerous on intensively managed crops. To see the whole article click here

Birds to look out for in Bradden in Spring


Spring is one of the most exciting periods in the bird-watching calendar. It is that time when we get to marvel at just how such small and vulnerable creatures can find their way back to this country – often thousands of miles from their wintering grounds…To see the whole article click here

Birds to look out for in Bradden in Winter


Winter is not everyone’s idea of the best bird-watching season. However, it has many advantages. Make sure that your feeders are clean and well stocked, then sit back and wait for the excitement of some scarce visitors… To see the whole article click here

Northamptonshire Wildlife website

This website includes information upon:

  • Dragonflies
  • Butterflies
  • Micro-moths
  • Macro – moths
  • Flowers
  • Fungi
  • Amphibians and Reptiles (still under construction)
  • Ladybirds (still under construction)

It has photographs, descriptions, even sound, relating to the flora and fauna of Northamptonshire.

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