Your Views and Sightings

We are keen to be advised of all your interesting bird sightings from Bradden and the surrounding area.  Please let us know what you have seen. Please use the comments box below to share your birding adventures!

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  1. Hello, my name is Chris Payne & I am a ‘C’ licence bird ringer in conjunction with the BTO & live in Greens Norton. I have a number of ringing sites in Greens Norton already (including the Pocket Park)& the surrounding areas where I am carrying out annual surveys of bird population & movements both near & far. If you have any good area for birds in general I would be extremely interested to hear of them.
    As last year, I will be looking to survey swallow nesting sites in the area & therefore would welcome any locations.
    In the area we have a small population of Tree Sparrow (now alot less common).
    Any information would be most helpful & would ask initially to drop me an email –
    Chris Payne.

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