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South Northants – School Closures if snow

School Closures

How do I find out if a school is closed?

Check online

We have provided 3 online options below for you to use; they will all provide exactly the same information. If the number of people already using option 1 is over a certain amount then you may find that the link will not open for you, if that happens then try Option 2 and then Option 3.

Please note:
It is not always possible to display closure information on the website. In those circumstances schools will then ensure that the radio stations below are notified.


Track Santa’s Flight around the world on Christmas Eve!


How We Track Santa


NORAD uses four high-tech systems to track Santa – radar, satellites, Santa Cams and fighter jets.

Tracking Santa starts with the NORAD radar system called the North Warning System. This powerful radar system consists of 47 installations strung across the northern border of North America. On December 24th, NORAD monitors the radar systems continuously for indications that Santa Claus has left the North Pole.

The moment that radar indicates Santa has lifted off, we use our second detection system. Satellites positioned in geo-synchronous orbit at 22,300 miles from the Earth’s surface are equipped with infrared sensors, which enable them to detect heat. Amazingly, Rudolph’s bright red nose gives off an infrared signature, which allows our satellites to detect Rudolph and Santa.

The third tracking system is the Santa Cam network. We began using it in 1998, which is the year we put our Santa Tracking program on the internet. Santa Cams are ultra-cool, high-tech, high-speed digital cameras that are pre-positioned at many locations around the world. NORAD only uses these cameras once a year. The cameras capture images and videos of Santa and his reindeer as they make their journey around the world.

Fighter Jet

The fourth system is made up of fighter jets. Canadian NORAD fighter pilots flying the CF-18 fighter jets intercept and welcome Santa to North America. In the United States, American NORAD fighter pilots in either the F-15, F-16 or the F-22 get the thrill of flying alongside Santa and his famous reindeer: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and, of course, Rudolph.


Why We Track Santa

For more than 50 years, NORAD and its predecessor, the Continental Air Defense Command (CONAD) have tracked Santa’s flight.

The tradition began in 1955 after a Colorado Springs-based Sears Roebuck & Co. advertisement misprinted the telephone number for children to call Santa. Instead of reaching Santa, the phone number put kids through to the CONAD Commander-in-Chief’s operations “hotline.” The Director of Operations at the time, Colonel Harry Shoup, had his staff check the radar for indications of Santa making his way south from the North Pole. Children who called were given updates on his location, and a tradition was born.

In 1958, the governments of Canada and the United States created a bi-national air defense command for North America called the North American Aerospace Defense Command, also known as NORAD, which then took on the tradition of tracking Santa.

Since that time, NORAD men, women, family and friends have selflessly volunteered their time to personally respond to phone calls and emails from children all around the world. In addition, we now track Santa using the internet. Millions of people who want to know Santa’s whereabouts now visit the NORAD Tracks Santa website.

Finally, media from all over the world rely on NORAD as a trusted source to provide updates on Santa’s journey.

About Santa

Santa reading The Night Before Christmas
Santa keeps a long list of children who have been good throughout the year. His list grows longer each year due to the world’s increasing population. Check out the world’s populationright now.Though his list gets longer, Santa still has to deliver all of the presents in the same amount of time. If one were to assume he works in the realm of standard time, he would need to limit his stay to about three ten-thousandths of a second per home!Santa Claus is more than 16 centuries old, yet he does not appear to age at all. This is our biggest clue that he does not work within time as we know it. His whole trip may appear to us as taking only 24 hours, but to Santa it may last days, weeks or even months in standard time!Santa would never rush the important job of distributing presents to children and spreading holiday cheer to everyone, so the only logical conclusion is that Santa functions within a different time-space continuum than the rest of us. Santa is a true mystery to us all!

Is he real?

Based on historical data and more than 50 years of NORAD tracking information, we believe that Santa Claus is alive and well in the hearts of children throughout the world.

Santa Claus is known by many names, including Saint Nick. Historians claim that the history of Santa starts with the tradition of Saint Nicholas, a 4th century Christian priest who lived in the Middle East and became famous for his kindness. He was known for giving gifts to the less fortunate, sprinkling gifts of gold down people’s chimneys, and for hiding surprises in their stockings.

It may be that the Santa we know today emerged from the legacy of Saint Nicholas. Clearly, Santa’s basic approach to gift giving is strikingly similar. Could they be the same person? Only Santa Claus knows for sure!

Long before the Wright brothers flew the first airplane or the Montgolfier brothers launched the first hot air balloon, Santa had to find a way to travel from house to house at great speed. We know from our Santa Cam images that Santa’s choice for quick transportation was a herd of flying reindeer. Detailed information on these reindeer remains elusive; we do know, however, that Santa enlisted the reindeer to help him with his worldwide mission of gift-giving. A veil of sweet mystery hides the rest.

Track Santa

There are a number of ways you can track Santa with NORAD!
To track Santa on Cesium and Bing Maps, return to this page on December 24th.

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Twelve Days of Christmas – by Frank Kelly

christmas01 (1)

Twelve Days of Christmas by Frank Kelly

Day One

Dear Nuala,
Thank you very much for your lovely present of a partridge in a pear-tree. We’re getting the hang of feeding the partridge now, although it was difficult at first to win its confidence. It bit the mother rather badly on the hand but they’re good friends now and we’re keeping the pear-tree indoors in a bucket. Thank you again.
Yours affectionately,

Day Two

Dear Nuala,
I cannot tell you how surprised we were to hear from you so soon again and to receive your lovely present of two turtle doves. You really are too kind. At first the partridge was very jealous and suspicious of the doves and they had a terrible row the night the doves arrived. We had to send for the vet but the birds are okay again and the stitches are due to some out in a week or two. The vet’s bill was œ8 but the mother is over her annoyance now and the doves and the partridge are watching the telly from the pear-tree as I write.
Yours ever,

Day Three

Dear Nuala,
We must be foremost in your thoughts. I had only posted my letter when the three French hens arrived. There was another sort-out between the hens and the doves, who sided with the partridge, and the vet had to be sent for again. The mother was raging because the bill was œ16 this time but she has almost cooled down. However, the fact that the birds’ droppings keep falling down on her hair whilen she’s watching the telly, doesn’t help matters. Thanking you for your kindness.
I remain,
Your Gobnait

Day Four

Dear Nuala,
You mustn’t have received my last letter when you were sending us the four calling birds. There was pandemonium in the pear-tree again last night and the vet’s bill was œ32. The mother is on sedation as I write. I know you meant no harm and remain your close friend.

Day Five

Your generosity knows no bounds. Five gold rings ! When the parcel arrived I was scared stiff that it might be more birds, because the smell in the living-room is atrocious. However, I don’t want to seem ungrateful for the beautiful rings.
Your affectionate friend,

Day Six

What are you trying to do to us ? It isn’t that we don’t appreciate your generosity but the six geese have not alone nearly murdered the calling birds but they laid their eggs on top of the vet’s head from the pear-tree and his bill was œ68 in cash ! My mother is munching 60 grains of Valium a day and talking to herself in a most alarming way. You must keep your feelings for me in check.

Day Seven

W e are not amused by your little joke. Seven swans-a-swimming is a most romantic idea but not in the bath of a private house. We cannot use the bathroom now because they’ve gone completely savage and rush the door every time we try to enter. If things go on this way, the mother and I will smell as bad as the living-room carpet. Please lay off. It is not fair.

Day Eight

Who the hell do you think gave you the right to send eight, hefty maids-a-milking here, to eat us out of house and home ? Their cattle are all over the front lawn and have trampled the hell out of the mother’s rose-beds. The swans invaded the living-room in a sneak attack and the ensuing battle between them and the calling birds, turtle doves, French hens and partridge make the Battle of the Somme seem like Wanderly Wagon. The mother is on a bottle of whiskey a day, as well as the sixty grains of Valium. I’m very annoyed with you.

Day Nine

Listen you louser !
There’s enough pandemonium in this place night and day without nine drummers drumming, while the eight flaming maids-a-milking are beating my poor, old alcoholic mother out of her own kitchen and gobbling everything in sight. I’m warning you, you’re making an enemy of me.

Day Ten

Listen manure-face,
I hope you’ll be haunted by the strains of ten pipers piping which you sent to torment us last night. They were aided in their evil work by those maniac drummers and it wasn’t a pleasant sight to look out the window and see eight hefty maids-a-milking pogo-ing around with the ensuing punk-rock uproar. My mother has just finished her third bottle of whiskey, on top of a hundred and twenty four grains of Valium. You’ll get yours !

Day Eleven

You have scandalised my mother, you dirty Jezebel,
It was bad enough to have eight maids-a-milking dancing to punk music on the front lawn but they’ve now been joined by your friends ~ the eleven Lords-a-leaping and the antics of the whole lot of them would leave the most decadent days of the Roman Empire looking like “Outlook”. I’ll get you yet, you ould bag !

Day Twelve

Listen slurry head,
You have ruined our lives. The twelve maidens dancing turned up last night and beat the living daylights out of the eight maids-a-milking, `cos they found them carrying on with the eleven Lords-a-leaping. Meanwhile, the swans got out of the living-room, where they’d been hiding since the big battle, and savaged hell out of the Lords and all the Maids. There were eight ambulances here last night, and the local Civil Defence as well. The mother is in a home for the bewildered and I’m sitting here, up to my neck in birds’ droppings, empty whiskey and Valium bottles, birds’ blood and feathers, while the flaming cows eat the leaves off the pear-tree. I’m a broken man.
Gobnait O’nasa

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Please note that all communications accepted for publication including letters/notices etc have always been, and will always be, published unaltered  save for editorial discretion with regard to punctuation and grammatical errors.

The editors operate a strict system of proof reading all external documents/letters etc before publication.

In the extremely unlikely event that any errors are observed, kindly contact the editor for correction.

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Bradden Parish AGM – 13th April at 8pm

The Bradden Parish Meeting AGM will take place on Tuesday 13th April at 8pm in the Bradden Reading Room.

Refer to Geoff Markham’s letter 8.3.2010 with regard to the agenda.

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Speed Limits – Getting them lowered

Getting the speed limit lowered

After the last Parish meeting, it became apparent that whilst everyone in attendance was of the view that cars frequently travel through our village at an unsafe speed, what to do about it, was not so cut and dried.

Although a vote was taken at the Parish meeting, and carried in favour of seeking a reduction of the speed limit, the Council felt that given the number of attendees at the meeting reflected less than 50% of the village, further reflection should be given to the issue before any action was taken.

Northamptonshire County Council have now published a webpage dealing with this very issue (7.10.09). Click here to go to the web page.

In brief:

If you would like a speed limit to be lowered, raised or extended, you contact the County Council. Your request will then be assessed. The Police view on a change to a speed limit is important and will be sought.

The characteristics of the road, such as its alignment, the level of activity alongside the road, the accident record and the degree of severance caused to a community by the speed of vehicles will be taken into account.

If it is considered that a change in the speed limit is warranted then a new speed limit order has to be made. This involves a statutory legal process that takes approximately 4 to 5 months to complete.

The website helpfully includes links to 2 pdf files:

The first relates to Speed limit information 2009 – 2010 : Click here to go to page

The second relates to the Speed Limit Review 2008 – 2011: Click here to go to page

In our case, as we do not have street lighting, repeater signs would be necessary at “regular intervals”.

The phrase ‘at regular intervals’ is not defined in TSRGD,(Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002) but the former Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions issued guidance to highway authorities in 1995 (Traffic Advisory Leaflet 01/95: Speed Limit Signs).

This leaflet includes a table showing the recommended distances between consecutive repeater signs and between the first/last repeater signs and the start/end of a speed limit. Different recommendations apply according to the type of road. These recommendations are reproduced in the table that follows.

The editor welcomes any observations arising from the information below – please complete the comments box.

Type of road Max. distance between consecutive signs on the same side of the carriageway Max. distance between consecutive signs on alternate sides of the carriageway Max. distance between start/end of length of road required to be signed and first/last repeater
Road more than 250m in length:
(i) on which the speed limit is less than 30mph; or
(ii) where there is a 30mph limit, but a system of street lighting is not provided (or lights are more than 200 yards apart)

400m 250m 200m
Road more than 350m in length:
(i) with a maximum speed limit of 40mph; or
(ii) with a minimum speed limit; or
(iii) where a system of street lighting is provided (lamps not more than 200 yards apart) and the national speed limit applies
500m 350m 250m
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Bradden W.I.

On the evening of the 25th March Roy Smart presented Wallis Simpson and the Abdication Crisis 1936. The Bradden WI were treated to an informative and scandalous talk on the life and loves of Wallis Simpson. Accompanied by slides and music, Roy told the story of Wallis’s rise to fame and fortune through her association with the wealthy men of the day and eventually her part in the abdication of the Prince of Wales. A very enjoyable and entertaining evening.

In April Sally will be speaking about tracing your ancestry with “Who do you think you are”. Having delved into the past for a few of our members Sally and Peter have being tracing family trees over lock down and have offered their services to other members foc should they be interested. If you are interested in taking Sally up on her offer please complete the form attached above.

May is time for the annual WI resolutions which will be accompanied by a quiz and in June we have Alan Gray, a Wimbledon umpire who will be delivering his talk “You can’t be serious” which we hope will be in the village hall with prosecco and strawberries to really get a taste of Wimbledon. Of course this will be restrictions permitting.

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Applications for Greens Norton CE Primary School

Greens Norton CE Primary School 

C:\Users\smarsh\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\Greens Norton QR code.png

C:\Users\smarsh\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\Greens Norton QR code.png

Time moves on quickly, and families with children turning 4 this academic year will be thinking about schools and selecting which one best suits their child for next September. Given the current circumstances we are unable to invite parents into the school and conduct live tours; instead we have created a virtual tour available here – or scan the QR code. Parents must submit their applications for a school place by 15th January 2021. I am more than happy to answer any questions and have an informal chat on the phone with any interested parents who want to know more. 

Sue Marsh 

Headteacher 01327 350648 

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End of Village Bus Service – Lift rota for Villager

Lift rota for Villager

As many of you know, the Friday bus coming to Bradden has been cancelled due to lack of funding.
One of the Villagers is greatly inconvenienced as she has depended on this bus to go to Towcester and get her pension every week.
I am creating a rota to cover 12 weeks of Fridays. I hope that some Braddenites would be willing to drive her to Towcester and back.  The first two weeks are already covered, so we need the first volunteer driver on 10th August.
I am circulating the spreadsheet  and would appreciate it if folks could put their names down, together with a phone number so that the villager could contact you if needed. She does not use a computer.
Please can you reply to me directly at
I will collate the offers and send out a final list to all drivers.
Thanks so much, everyone, for your kindness to my neighbour,
Helen Castle, Mob: 07786385207

A5 Towcester High Street Road works planned 23 July – end November 2018

We have been advised by Highways England that there are planned roadworks from the A5 River Tove Bridge (approaching Tesco) towards the junction of the A5 with Marlow Road, Towcester.

Works to be carried out include drainage, kerbing, some footway resurfacing, carriageway resurfacing, road marking and in the installation of road studs and traffic loops. The work will also include the reinstatement of a trench over a gas main that runs between the south side of the junction at Brackley Road and Northampton Roads and The Lindens. The work is planned to take place in 5 phases, and will involve the A5 through Towcester being closed at different times during July to November. Please refer to the attached drawing for more detailed information about each phase.

There are two consultation dates available where you can learn more about the work and ask questions:

Tuesday 19th June 12pm – 8pm Waitrose car park

Wednesday 20th June 6am – 2pm Tesco car park

The work will start during the school holidays but will continue from the new term in September through to the end of November. We will keep you updated as we hear more about road closures, and any impact this will have on school buses or routes to school.

If you have any questions please send these to the public liaison team who are co-ordinating these works: Phone: Mike Healy, Public Liaison Officer, 07964 114 623.

Clear plastic document wallet found on Bradden Village Green/Triangle 4.30ish on Monday 25th June 2018.

The wallet has not been opened for privacy reasons, but the top document visible in the wallet refers to a CRB check.

If this is your wallet, or you know who owns it, please please contact us


Concert, 3pm, Saturday 30th June – St Michaels Church, Bradden

We look forward to welcoming the very talented Arnold Wind Quintet and friends, who will perform an excellent programme of music.

The Arnold Quintet in particular is formed from the principle performers of the County Orchestra.

Tickets are £12.50 each (including drink and nibbles) and are obtainable from Carol Austin (01327 860 792), Coleman’s of Towcester or the Benefice Office.

Proceeds will go to the Northamptonshire Music and Performing Arts Trust and St Michael’s Church.

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St Michael’s Bradden – Lent Lunch 26.2.2018

St Michael’s Church, Bradden

Monday 26th February 2018 (12.30 – 2pm)

Bradden Village Hall – Lent Lunch

Organised by St Michael’s our “guest speaker” will be Barbara Parfitt, Towcester Foodbank Co-ordinator.

Barbara’s talk will be entitled: “Towcester foodbank – a story of encouragement and hope”.

Suggested donation of £5 for your soup and bread lunch (all profits divided between the Foodbank and St Michaels)

If you are able to make a non-perishable food donation to the Foodbank, that would be gratefully received.

St Michael’s Church, Harvest FESTIVAL 8th October 9.30am

This Week!

The Season of Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness is upon us again! We hope that, like ours, your garden has produced its fair share of harvest produce. You may well be inundated with tomatoes, marrows, apples and potatoes. If so, help is at hand. The Harvest Festival needs you!

The Church is now open to receive your gifts for our harvest festival. Fresh food and dry and canned produce are all welcome. Two boxes have been placed by the font to receive your generous donations. We are sharing our harvest gifts this year, between the Hope Centre in Northampton and Towcester Foodbank. Click on the links for more information.

The church is being decorated for harvest, so do pop in to admire!

Come and celebrate and give thanks for God’s goodness to the earth on Sunday morning. After the service, we are sharing tea and cakes together. All are welcome!

Phone: 07724 832043


Tel: 0845 519 9371

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Burglary Bradden 22.9.2017 – Police request for information

Tara Cooksammy (Police, {Police Community Support Officer (C7012), South Northamptonshire)

Northamptonshire Police are appealing for information regarding a Burglary, Main Road, Bradden, where a quad bike has been stolen
This happened Friday 22nd September 2017 8pm – Saturday 23rd September 2017 9:30am

Did you witness anything?

Did you see any person(s) in the area that looked suspicious?

Did you see any vehicle(s) that you were suspicious of?

If so, then please contact Northamptonshire Police on 101 17000408977

You can also provide confidential information should you wish to remain anonymous. These calls can be made to the Independent Charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

101 is the number to use to report incidents and for general enquiries. In an emergency dial 999.

Visit us at :

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